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Tax preparation on your own can be extremely difficult with today’s complex tax code and may often leave you with more questions than answers.

These days, the majority of people and small businesses use a professional tax preparer to assist with the preparation of taxes. Even if you are just filing a simple return, the rules may change from year to year and it is easy to overlook these changes and submit an incorrect return. By doing your taxes yourself, you may also end up overlooking deductions and credits.

At Silver Accounting Group, LLC, we have the expertise that is needed to help you file your returns while also helping you to minimize your tax liability with careful planning.

Get off “the Block”.

Big box tax preparers are not usually accountants by trade. They can be an out-of-work school teacher, cell phone salesperson, cashier, or retiree looking for a short-term gig. Doing taxes during tax time is not a career for these people, it’s a temporary paycheck. Surprisingly, the largest tax preparer out there “requires students to be 18 years of age to attend the Income Tax Course. A GED or diploma, however, is not required.”

What are the credentials of your tax preparer? It goes without saying that you want someone who’s qualified. You want someone who’s honest and reliable, too. But, how do you know? The last thing you want to do is search online for “tax preparers near me” and randomly pick a preparer from the list, but sometimes it feels like there’s no better way.

Why Silver Accounting Group:

Silver Accounting Group Are Qualified Tax Preparers

To increase the odds of finding a qualified tax preparer, look for someone who is credentialed. You’re much more likely to get a competent preparer if they’ve been vetted by the IRS or a state regulatory board. The most common types of credentialed preparers are certified public accountants (CPAs)

Silver Accounting Group Has a Reliable Record

For credentialed preparers, like CPAs and attorneys, check with the state regulatory board in charge of licensing. For enrolled agents, go to the IRS’s enrolled agent status webpage.

Our Tax Services Have No Hidden Fees

As with any other service or product you buy, make sure you have a good idea of the costs ahead of time. Prices for tax return preparation can vary widely depending on a variety of factors, including the complexity of your return, where you live, and the preparer’s experience. That’s why it’s important to get a quote before settling on a preparer.

You Won’t Sign Your Return Before We Do

Once the return is completed, make sure you get a chance to review it before signing it.

Also make sure the preparer signs the return and includes his or her Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) at the end of your 1040 (bottom of page 2). This is required by law. Not signing a return is a big red flag that the preparer is up to no good. (Preparers who refuse to sign a return are called “ghost preparers.”) Also, all paid tax preparers are required to have a PTIN, so don’t let them tell you they don’t need one.

Silver Accounting Group Guides You Every Step of the Way

Qualified, trusted, local tax advisors are ready to optimize your tax credits, lessen your tax load and represent your business interests in every way. Have confidence in the results. We’re ready to get started when you are.

No Hassel Tax Prep is What We Do.

 Individual Tax Preparation

We can help you to defer income so that you can save money now and pay less taxes in the future. We can assist by lowering taxes on your income, so you can keep more of your earnings.

Business Tax Return Preparation

In addition to making sure that your business is tax compliant, we can suggest tax saving strategies that will maximize your after-tax income.

Gift & Estate Tax Return Preparation

We can help lower taxes on your estate and gifts, so the beneficiaries can keep more of what you have given. We can assist in legally reducing the amount of your tax liabilities.

Estate and Succession Planning

We can assist you in tax planning by lowering taxes on investments and retirement distributions so that you can maintain your lifestyle and much more.

Business Start-Ups

We offer tax and education planning to assist start-ups, as well as, established businesses. We can provide you with a complete list of the most commonly overlooked deductions, so you can limit your tax liability.

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